The idea of holding a great macro business round in the region was embodied in what today is called “EXPO ALADI”.

It is an event whose main figure are the small and medium enterprises, and it allows to come closer to the possibilities of partnership, complementarity, financing, and a more in-depth knowledge of the preferences and options provided by the different trade agreements deposited with the ALADI.

The ALADI assembles thirteen Latin-American countries, ten countries from South America plus Cuba, Mexico and Panama. The EXPO ALADI seeks to convene the other countries of Central America and of the Caribbean, in order to, precisely, contribute to the reciprocal knowledge and to strengthen the idea of Latin-American and Caribbean unity.

The EXPO ALADI is made up of very intense and productive activities representing an important step in order to progress and consolidate our integration process.

Kind regards,

Alejandro de la Peña Navarrete
Latin-American Integration Association –ALADI