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Ecuador – Uruguay Business Meeting 2018

Training Workshop at the General Secretariat of the ALADI
Training Workshop at the General Secretariat of the ALADI

The Ecuador – Uruguay Business Meeting successfully ended. Such event was organized by the Instituto de Promoción de Exportaciones e Inversiones (Institute for the Promotion of Exports and Investments of Ecuador), PRO ECUADOR, jointly with the Embassy of Ecuador in Uruguay, and the Latin-American Integration Association - ALADI.

Within the framework of such meeting, on August 20, a personal Training Workshop  for the Ecuadorian companies was held dealing with aspects such as the economic panorama of the economies of the Cono Sur and business opportunities;  Ecuador within the framework of the ALADI, its agreements with countries of the Cono Sur, and the tariff preferences; non-tariff measures in the member countries of the ALADI, and trade facilitation within the framework of the Association by experts of the General Secretariat of the ALADI. Such occasion was useful for attending specific consultations of the participating Ecuadoran companies.

On August 21, the Ecuador – Uruguay Business Meeting went on, at Cottage Hotel in Carrasco, Montevideo. The Ecuadorian companies promoted the best of their exportable goods to Uruguayan companies that attended the meeting.

8 Ecuadorian exporting companies (Conduit del Ecuador S.A., Cubiertas del Ecuador Kubiec S.A., Pacarí Chocolate, Ideasmart S.A., Ciesa, Galapesca, Compañía Ecuatoriana del Té, and Oriental Industria Alimenticia) and 17 Uruguayan buying companies participated in the business round, reaching 40 business meetings and a potential business intention to one year of USD 3.294.000.

The objectives of such meeting were to position the country brand, to build bridges of commerce between Ecuador and Uruguay by identifying potential commercial counterparts, and to promote the Ecuadorian products in the Uruguayan market.

For the General Secretariat of the ALADI, it was a good occasion to collaborate with the Embassy of  Ecuador in the promotion of trade, to provide personal technical advice to the companies that participated in the event; as well as to furnish information about the EXPO ALADI – Peru 2018, Multisectoral Business Macro-Round Expo, to be held on October 17 - 19 of this year, in the city of Lima.

Ecuador - Uruguay Business Meeting 2018  https://www.flickr.com/photos/aladi/albums/72157700158430794